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It's about much more than taking supplements

Healing, getting better, improving your energy. Call it what you will, how's it going for you?

I have had a wonderful fortnight as a nutritional therapist. Why? I’ve had follow-up consultations with 3 clients who originally saw me in the summer or early autumn. The 3 cases are very different, but they are all doing tremendously well. In summary, the reasons the clients came to me in the first case are very diverse and include:

  • one case of hormonal imbalances with PMS and painful breast cysts

  • another, a case of long covid with a secondary infection of pneumonia

  • a third case, of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis with fatigue, an adrenal test had shown HPA axis issues

The advice I gave each of these clients was quite different. One of them did a functional test, one of then had done tests with a previous practitioner. Their nutritional programmes focussed on particular nutrients, particular changes that they needed to make as individuals. They were given different lifestyle recommendations, and different supplements were prescribed.

BUT the one thing they all had in common? They wanted to get better,

they knew that the key to change was in their own hands, they took the advice and they ran with it. That is to say, they didn’t just take the supplements and hope for the best, they took the time to make deep and long-lasting changes to the way they shop, cook, eat, arrange their day, listen to their body, move their body, rest their body. Oh, and they took the supplements, but that’s not the reason they are on a journey to improved health and energy – it’s because their heart was in it. I am very proud of each of them for the work they put in.

If your energy levels are low, if you are suffering from something debilitating that is making your day to day life difficult, then know that change absolutely is possible. But it's not always easy! I wish it were, I wish we could just pop the supplements and hey presto, healing happens. But it doesn't. It's about so much more than that.

That's not to say that feeling better has to take years. All of these clients started to feel better in months, if not weeks. It does mean that your heart has to be in it, that you have to be committed to that investment in yourself.

I’m hoping to do a blog post on each of these cases to dive down a little, but in the meantime, if you are struggling with a chronic condition or health issue, there are ways out. Book a 15 minute discovery call to find out how.

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