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What is nutritional therapy?

I fully subscribe to the view that food is medicine. It's about what you eat (as much as it's about what you choose not to eat). It's the food on your plate, where it came from, how you prepare it, how you eat it and so much more. It's also about our daily habits, thought systems and beliefs. In a nutritional therapy session I will explore all of this and more to provide you with a nutritional plan that is tailor-made just for you. 

I have been on my own nutritional journey over the past few years. My guts were in a real state after the birth of my second son - also I couldn't seem to shift the excess post-pregnancy weight and was constantly tired. I started my health journey in 2015 and today I'm a different person! 

What is clear is that what works for one person may not work for another. That is why my nutrition plans are always for you and no-one else. I will look at your health history, your lifestyle, your emotional life and more before setting out a plan.

Optimum nutrition is for everyone. It would delight me if someone wanted help just to stay as well as they can be as they age. Unfortunately most people seem to have a collection of symptoms or a diagnosed condition. Whether this be gut-related, endocrinal, auto-immune, what we put into our bodies and minds makes a huge difference.

Book an appointment today and let's get started.

I qualified with distinction from the College of Integrated Nutrition and Homeopathy, under Dr Khush Mark PhD and Gordon Sambidge, co-principals. You can find out more about Khush on her website,, and at The New School of Nutrition, where she is the Principle. I'm also very proud to be a member of the Practitioner Team at the New School.

I'm fully insured and a member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP), membership 104823413.


Functional Testing
test tubes.tiff
test tubes.tiff

I offer a range of functional medicine tests which offer a rapid path to really getting to grips with your nutrition. They can help pinpoint exactly what the root cause is for you. Tests available include:


- Hair tissue mineral analysis

- Hormone testing - DUTCH Plus test 

- Gut tests 

- Omega 3 / Omega 6 test

- DNA epigenetic tests 

All tests are offered in my online shop. You will also need to book a full consultation with test interpretation once the test results are back, in order to go through the analysis of the test and what the results mean for you. You will receive a full analysis of the test with a full nutrition plan for every test booked.

If you are not sure which test is right for you, please book a discovery call to discuss.

Functional Medicine Tests

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