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Client Testimonials

Some good news stories from both nutrition and homeopathy clients

Stephanie's story

Following a thermogram that confirmed breast cysts, I had a consultation with Marie. She recommended the DUTCH Plus test to look at my hormone levels. The information this test provided was invaluable but complicated! Marie explained the hormones (and how they are detoxed) so well, and everything made sense. The written report she provided contained a mixture of things to implement – changes to my diet and lifestyle, and some supplements. I noticed a real difference to my symptoms when I followed this guidance. I also had a real understanding of the root cause of why I was having these symptoms. A follow-up thermogram confirmed a big reduction in inflammation levels. I also noticed improvements like increased energy levels and dealing with stress better. It’s one of the best things I’ve done for my health and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Marie. 

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Christopher's story

I had been suffering with long covid for a while, and subsequently contracted pneumonia, which hit me really hard. I was at rock bottom, nothing the doctors did seemed to work. I came to Marie and she took the time to go through my medical history very thoroughly, as well as my diet and lifestyle. She devised a tailored plan providing nutritional advice, supplements and education on making the right choices. I found Marie to be very professional and knowledgeable. I have made a marked improvement, my energy levels are going up, and I'm looking forward to continuing my health journey under Marie's care. 

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Vera's story

Having suffered from a chronic intestinal condition for many years I contacted Marie for advice and guidance on how to best go forward when I had a terrible flare-up. Her consultations and her nutritional plans, and advice on supplements, got me back on track and feeling healthy.


Marie is very personable; she listens and explains very well how our system works and how to best look after it. I couldn't recommend Marie enough!

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Jennifer's story

I am new to homeopathy, but Marie’s kind and calming nature immediately made me feel at ease and built a sense of trust between us which I believe is fundamental to fully benefit from the homeopathic process.

Marie took time to truly understand me, my background, who I was and what things had impacted me to shape me into who I was today. As well as talking through my current situation, how was I feeling day to day, what gave me energy, what depletes me.

All this enabled Marie to propose the remedies she felt would suit me best and after a few check-ins and tweaks we settled on the best dosage that benefitted me and made a real positive difference in how I felt.

I was really pleased with the whole process and would certainly recommend Marie to anyone considering homeopathic treatment.

Cara's story

Marie is a very kind, patient and perceptive person who is very good at seeing to the heart of an issue. Having originally been to see her for the Alexander Technique I then approached her for homeopathy for my asthma, as I had heard that it was effective and did not want to take a steroid inhaler for the rest of my life. Having previously taken an inhaler every day, and felt out of breath and anxious if I went without it for any length of time, I am now completely asthma free (save for the occasional flare-up) without taking anything at all.


As part of our initial session Marie went through the whole of my life to date and various other areas came up in which she felt she could help me, and I was happy to give that a try, so I've continued to see her since. Since then she has given me remedies that have very effectively helped with bloating, itchy scalp, cold symptoms, splinters, skin issues, noise sensitivity, grief and anxiety. It has been fascinating to me how many issues that appear to be purely 'physical' are in fact related to emotions, and what a quick difference a homeopathic remedy can make.


The process of talking out your issues is also very therapeutic (and less expensive than therapy!). I would recommend anyone to try homeopathy, particularly for intractable issues which 'conventional' medicine fails to solve. I would also thoroughly recommend Marie.

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Vivienne's story

For the last 3 years, I have been extremely unwell - I was recently diagnosed with auto-immune disease. I am taking drugs to deal with the condition but I am suffering obvious side effects. 

I wanted to support my body the best I could in this journey. I thought that certain foods could make my situation better or worse, but I only had some basic ideas. Marie took my case and helped me understand the impact of the various types of food on my health and ability to heal myself. She also gave me lots of information on lifestyle choices; on life balance if you like. Once explained, it all sounded so obvious to me! I managed to follow the food advice (although I've never been able to do any before!). It was easier than expected because I believe in Marie's approach.

I am still on a journey but would not be on the path to recovery without Marie’s expertise, clarity, availability to respond to my concerns and questions and overall kindness.

Before Marie helped me out, nobody thought about the problem in whole-person terms. The specialist consultants I see only take care of their particular "body part”; whilst it is clear that everything is linked. This was new to me and this is now a full part of my daily life. I am getting better, I no longer eat 7 times a day, my stomach hurts less, I have lost weight and regained energy and I am more focussed. I am very grateful and cannot thank her enough. I would recommend Marie to anyone.

Olivia's story

Since childhood, I have experienced uncomfortable bloating and intense stomach cramps. These symptoms used to prevent me from sleeping and left me really tired out. I have been to countless clinicians over the years, but never really reached a resolution. The most common advice I get from the clinicians is that it’s likely to be a food allergy, and that I need to work out for myself those foods which upset me and those which don’t. I have also been prescribed various medications over the years, which haven’t worked.

​I felt like Marie was the first person who took my pain and discomfort seriously. She was keen to look at the whole of me to find the correct course of action to get my gut health back on track, and to ease the pain. Her advice around diet and natural remedies was much appreciated. The natural remedies she recommended were great and I think they are much more gentle on our system than conventional medication. 

​I liked Marie's way of working, it felt like we were working together. She really took the time listen to me, and also to clearly show me how the gastro intestinal system works, which I found helpful and insightful – Marie’s approach is not just treatment, it’s also education. Marie used functional medicine testing (a gut test) to identify exactly what was going on in my gut – which as it turns out was quite a lot!

Healing takes time, and I am still going through the process. But I am very happy to have finally found a solution to the pain and discomfort I suffered since childhood. Thank you, Marie!

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Nicola's story

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