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I'm Marie, I'm a fully qualified nutritional therapist, homeopath and Alexander Technique teacher. I offer functional medicine testing. I help people find ways of becoming better versions of themselves, because I had to do this for myself...

My Story

I've been interested in alternative health and wellness for as long as I can remember. It began with the Alexander Technique, which I fell in love with back in my 20s. I've documented this journey on my sister website Poise for Life

In my 40s I was really struggling - I'd had 2 children in quick succession, was on a full time training course, and was struggling to juggles the demands of kids, training, house and home. My guts were never "comfortable", I suffered bloating, constipation, constant burping and just a general feeling of not-quite-right. Then I contracted a virus from my kids and was bed bound for about 3 weeks with flu like symptoms (the kids just bounced back!). After that my immune system was on the floor, I got every bug going for about 2 years. I was also chronically fatigued, the sensation was like wading through mud all day every day. I'd been to my GP multiple times, they'd done blood tests galore, only to tell me "you're fine, there's nothing wrong". There was something wrong!

I started seeing a homeopath and also decided to research gut health. I started to mend....and my energy started to pick up. Then it went up, and up and up! When Hippocrates himself said "all disease begins in the gut" he wasn't wrong. 

I began to think...if this is happening to me then it must be happening to other people. So I decided to train to be a nutritional therapist and a homeopath so that I could take what I had learned to other people.

Can I help you to become a better version of yourself? Book a free 15 minute call today.

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