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All about HTMA

What is it?

A really quick way to get to grips with your nutrition - and more specifically your mineral levels, whether you are detoxing efficiently, and much more - is to do a hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA). This inexpensive and non-invasive test can tell you a lot about where to start with your nutrition journey, from a few snips of hair. Mine was quite a shocker! But it gave me valuable information to help me sort out my minerals, which are literally the "spark plugs" of health. To find out more, book an HTMA today.

To do this you need to buy an HTMA from the shop page. When you make the booking, the lab will send out a collection envelope and instructions on how to collect hair (scalp hair is best, but other hair may be used in some cases, or even nails). Don't worry! Only a teaspoonful of hair is needed for analysis.

You will also need to book a nutrition consultation with test interpretation once the test results are in (it takes about 14 days for the hair sample results to be returned from the lab). 

Expect the consultation to take about an hour, In this time I will take you through all the results of the HTMA and what they mean for YOU; HTMA is very personal and the nutrition plan which comes out of it cannot be applied to anyone else. You will also get a full report summarising the results of the analysis and consultation for you to take away so that you can implement your plan.

Any questions? I am happy to discuss - book a discovery call today. 

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